How Books are Made, circa 1947

We stumbled upon this wonderful old film (1947) on the process of manufacturing books, from setting the type to binding .  This was “state of the art” technology at the time; even so, notice how many people were employed in the making of a book!  It also becomes clear as to why older books outlast the modern unsewn, “perfect binding” techniques.

And here’s a second film on book manufacturing (1961), with a bit of interesting information on restoration of old books and marbling of page edges, in addition to the new book manufacturing techniques of the time


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  1. How often do you write your blogs? I enjoy them a lot 5 9 7

    • I’m happy to hear you enjoy the blog. I write whenever I can find the time, usually once a week. Very busy running Old Scrolls Book Shop, I also do articles for Bookthink and work full time at a college. Thanks for your comment — hope you will visit regularly!

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