Midwest Book Scouting Trip – What Day is it? (6)

This evening we are in Sisterville.  Where’s that?  At a secret location with my sisters, who still live in Minnesota!  We did squeeze in one short visit this morning to Midway Books located at the corner of University and Snelling Avenues between Minneapolis and St. Paul.  We were enroute to my sister’s house twenty some miles away, on a pretty tight timeline, and the car just veered into the parking lot of this terrific book store on some kind of book fever automatic pilot, so we parked it and went in to take a look around.  Loads of interesting books, but disheartening,  because we were trying to stay on schedule to go meet family.  And it’s a big store.  So we only covered the first floor, and not as well as we should have.  We hope to go back to this shop, and to several more in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area…definitely some interesting books here.

We didn’t buy any books today.  Instead, we selected a few bottles of wine at the liquor store next door to Midway to bring to a reunion with my two sisters (it’s been three years!).  And what a nice reunion we had this afternoon and evening…sisters, nieces, nephews, GRAND neices and nephews, and a cousin I haven’t seen in thirty years, all having fun in the sun with lots of good food, drink, conversation and laughter, and playtime with the children.

If I take a very brief hiatus from this blog, it is because I have taken time to appreciate loving family and a visit to the places where I spent my childhood.

We will be continuing our book hunting journey, so stick with us.  We’ve gotten some good tips on book shops to visit in this region, and we intend to check them out!

And hey– I need a day to rest my eyes…between reading book titles, tiny print on road maps, and computer screens…I need a day of looking at blue skies and water!

Be back soon!

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