Midwest Book Scouting Trip – Day 8 or 9?

One thing I learned today is that you should never try to transport a pig in a Chinese cardboard box in the back of a light plane.  But that is a very long story, and this blog is supposed to be about books!

We are still on the west side of Minneapolis, in the country, catching up with friends and family.  We went to an antique shop called Kathie’s Finds on County Road 6 in Maple Plain.   I bought an old children’s book there for my sister to read to her grandchildren called Loopy, about a plane that loves to fly in circles.  And there was a beautiful fountain there with a lion’s head which we thought would look PERFECT in our new Reading Garden back at the shop.  Honestly, we entertained the idea of shipping our books home and loading up the fountain.  But we contained our enthusiasm just enough to get over it and  stay on track with our mission…BOOKS.

The Twisted Sisters

I’ve had a rollicking good time with my two sisters, who can get pretty crazy after a glass or two of wine,  and the video below will give you some idea of just how wild things can get when we are together.  Three twisted sisters, ages 58 to 68 rolling down a big grassy hill…

Sorry, we are having technical difficulties adding the video here on the road, but we will work on it — please check back tomorrow!!

Tomorrow we’ve been invited along on a boat outing on Lake Minnetonka.  The weather promises to be beautiful, as it has been every day in Minnesota during our stay.  After that, we are leaving family behind and heading out,  back on the book trail in earnest.  Where to go next?  Iowa?  Wisconsin?  Maybe explore a little more in Minnesota?   I’ll keep you posted…


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