Midwest Book Scouting Trip – Last Book Shop Stop

Our last book stop on the route home was Loganberry Books on the edge of Cleveland ( 13015 Larchmere Blvd., Shaker Heights, OH. )

Interior of Loganberry Books – Cleveland, Ohio
Another view of Loganberry Books

This is a well organized, very attractive and spacious book shop, all on one floor, with manyinteresting rooms.   There was a large excellent cook book / food writing section, a plentiful children’s book  section, and a wide selection of books on natural history, animals, birds and pets, travel narratives, and many other genres.   I found books of interest in nearly every subject area, and a good fiction section.   They also had a very nice cat, who was a little shy…notice the paw over the eye! We were pleased  to meet and talk with Harriet R. Logan, who owns the store, and we learned about her book blog, which you can visit here.  This is a great book stop, one where you could spend hours browsing (and we did).

From Cleveland, we drove straight on toward Rochester, NY where we picked up our cat, Spider.  (Ron’s Mom was kind enough to not only care for her, but completely spoil her while we were gone.)  She was lolling around on a soft rug, completely content and surrounded by new kitty toys and enjoying the air conditioning.   It’s back to reality for her now; she’s a country bookstore cat, and the closest thing to air conditioning is the open window looking out on the woodpile where Stripe the chipmunk roosts every morning to visit her through the screen.  I think she’s okay with that, though.

And so we are home at our own book shop in Stanley, New York.  The boxes of books have been unloaded, the suitcases unpacked, and we are catching up on weeding the gardens.  Our open sign is back out, and we are packaging books to fulfill internet book orders.

It was a terrific trip, and we learned a great deal, as we always do, about what other used & rare book stores are doing across the country,  as well as being inspired by all the people we meet along the way.

In the days ahead I will share some photos of the stacks of books we brought home, and — after I catch up with myself —  some highlights of the trip and thoughts about what we learned this time out about the used & rare book business, about road tripping, and about the wonderful and resilient people of the American Midwest.

Thanks for joining us on our travels!


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