Midwest Book Scouting Trip – Last Stop – Cleveland, Ohio

Never let it be said that book sellers are stuffy old blokes who sit on a stool behind a counter with their eyeglasses sliding down their nose.  Sometimes we like to take a walk on the wild side!  Last night I had two martinis at John Q’s and later rode a mechanical bull (21 seconds!) at The Cadillac Ranch in downtown Cleveland  before returning to the hotel to work on this BLOG until 2:00 a.m.  Ron is the one who talked me into this bit of excitement, and he had his turn on the bull himself.

Cathy on the bull
Cathy and the Bull
The room is spinning!
Ron vs the Bull
Cowboy Ron cuttin’ loose

John Q’s is a very nice restaurant and bar a few blocks from the Hyatt, where Ron and I had cocktails in a cozy booth with velvet drapes (like sitting on an old train!).  Very romantic.  They also had an outdoor patio where we enjoyed the beautiful evening and great conversation with staff and locals.  How we got from that to bull riding down the street is beyond me…ask Ron!

Cathy with the wonderful waitresses at John Q’s — Thanks Camille and Yolanda for making our evening fun!

We stayed at the historic Hyatt Regency in Cleveland, a gorgeous turn of the century building with an indoor arcade featuring restaurants and shops, rising four stories to an atrium ceiling, and lovely old brass railings around each level of the walkways.  Our room was $119 and included a full breakfast at their restaurant (anything off their menu, which was excellent food, beautifully served).  All of the service at this hotel was top notch.

Hyatt Regency – Downtown Cleveland, Ohio

We were greeted at the door by John, the singing doorman.  He was delightful and got our Cleveland stay off on the right foot.

John, who greeted us with song and poetry

Cathy in the Atrium (do I look dressed for bull riding??)

Atrium inside the Hyatt Regency, Cleveland
Cleveland Public Library – Cleveland, Ohio
marble staircases inside the library

Cleveland Public Library - interior

Our room was lovely, with 14-foot ceilings, beautifully appointed, and had huge windows looking out at the beautiful Cleveland Public Library directly across the street.   I must confess I have skirted the edges of Cleveland many times on the interstate, but have never explored the downtown area.  Both Ron and I were awed by the beautiful architecture, parks, statues, fountains and friendly fun people.

fountain in the Reading Garden, next to the library

Plaque explaining art installation "Watership Down" in Reading Garden

Notice the “sinking houses” depicting foreclosures and loss of homes

Cleveland by night and day:

  • Goodyear Blimp to left of building
  • Two big things were going on in Cleveland.  One, everyone in town was either furiously angry or in mourning over the announcement by Lebron James that he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to be an NBA player for Miami.  The town was in a bit of an uproar, as they had been such loyal supporters of LeBron and felt that he had made a selfish and foolish decision.  I can’t imagine that he will ever be welcome there again.  The other thing going on was the Tall Ships Festival in the Port of Cleveland, and we strolled down to the water ourselves to take a look on Saturday morning. We also hiked over to the Old Erie Street Bookstore, only to learn that it was closed — and that the owner is now selling books only on-line.

    Old Erie Street Book Store

    We checked out of the hotel, retrieved our vehicle, and drove out to Loganberry Books at 13015 Larchmere Boulevard in Cleveland.   Tomorrow I will update you on our book hunting visit at Loganberry, and the closing day of our two-week book scouting journey.


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