Midwest Book Scouting Trip – The Loadout

We arrived back home late Saturday, with a carload of great books.  It’s always good to come home — we love our beautiful old house and book shop and although we enjoy our annual book scouting trip every year, we are always happy to return to the place we love.

Home always looks good to us
The car was full of fine books -- no "book clubs," though; even though the box says we love them, we prefer First Editions!
A carload of fine books. No “book clubs” though, even though the packing box says we love them, we prefer First Editions!

The car carried approximately 250 carefully chosen books safely home.

On our trip this year we visited seven states, stayed in 3 historic hotels, met with 3 authors, one playwright and poet, visited two historic sites honoring authors of the past; we scoured 18 used and rare book shops, 8 antique shops, and 2 libraries for choice books.  We found books that will fulfill the wants of some of our best customers and make them very happy, as well as some scarce out-of-print books to make our shop inventory more diverse and interesting to new customers.

Lots of cataloging to do…I’ll be in touch soon!

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