I Married Adventure – makes scents!

Today while I was visiting a few other blogs, I came across this in The Paris Hotel Boutique Journal.   No wonder our copies of I Married Adventure have been flying off the shelves!   Osa Johnson’s wonderful story of her life of adventure with her photographer husband Martin as they traveled the world has now inspired a perfume which is being touted in Oprah’s magazine.

If you are a regular visitor here, you may remember my posting on the books of Osa and Martin Johnson which appeared here on April 17, 2010.

Osa was a natural beauty, so I’m sure she wouldn’t mind having a perfume inspired by her life.  But she was also a courageous and intelligent woman, whose spirit of adventure lives on in her books and the gorgeous photography accomplished by her and her husband.

Osa Johnson in Hawaiian costume

Their books are perennial favorites,  especially Osa’s I Married Adventure. Beyond the eye-catching zebra pattern binding, the book is much more than a nice decorating piece.  It is an engrossing tale of their early life, their marriage, a perilous voyage across the Pacific in Jack London’s Snark, and numerous adventures as they filmed documentaries of then-unknown lands and people in the South Pacific islands and in later in Africa.

Osa and native Borneo girl with baby Gibbon Ape

Osa’s Four Years in Paradise (1941) is another ever-popular book, bound in a brown and beige giraffe pattern.  It covers their second stay in Kenya from 1924 to 1927 at a lake they dubbed “Paradise” near Mt. Marsabit.

Osa on a tame zebra on her first trip to Africa (1921)

Osa with a baby giraffe (just born)

Both of them learned to fly in their home airfield of Chanute, Kansas, and from 1933 to 1934 flew the length of Africa filming the Mbuti tribe and the gorillas of the Alumbongo Hills, and aerial scenes of large herds of elephants and giraffes.  They both had airplanes, and they were the first to film aerial views of Mount Kiliminjaro and Mount Kenya.

Mt. Kenya from Osa's plane

The "Spirit of Africa" and "Osa's Ark" on a flight over Mt. Kenya

Extensive information on the Johnson’s books, articles and films can be viewed here.


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