Boston Book Marathon

Mental note:  There aren’t a lot of antiquarian book stores in the Boston area that are open on Sundays.  But here we are  on a Sunday — and we found a few!

Rodney's Book Store - 698 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA

We snagged a few nice books at Rodney’s — a two-floor shop in Cambridge that stocks mostly hardcover books in diverse genres.  They had an excellent section on birds, gardening, a respectable equine section, philosophy, a pretty large fiction section and more, with both vintage and more recent books.

There is no Rodney in the store — “Rodney” was a dog — who, sadly, has passed away.  There is a small photo of him on the wall behind the counter.  We were helped by a very entertaining and enthusiastic man named Stephen.

We also stopped in the Harvard Book Shop and browsed their used book section downstairs, but found they carry primarily used trade paperbacks.

There was a street seller in Cambridge, with boxes of books lining part of Massachusetts Avenue and a little side street…

Books for sale along Massachusetts Ave.

More books for sale

We walked to Harvard Square and had dinner at Casa Blanca on Brattle Street…

Ilsa and Rick (a.k.a. Cathy and Ron)

they had good clams

Here's Ron with our little stash of books in a Whole Foods Bag, looking for the way to the C Train

Nope, that's the way to the T train...

Boston underground

Boston above ground, from C Train window

Tomorrow we’ll tackle the Boston Book Annex!


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