Tribute to Henry B. Aul (1897 – 2011)

You may remember that back in November of 2010 I wrote about landscape architect and author Henry B. Aul  in a segment called Books on Beautiful Outdoor Rooms.

From "How to Beautify and Improve Your Home Ground" by Henry B. Aul

This morning I received word that Henry Aul passed away at the age of 104  yesterday, September 25, 2011 in an e-mail from Ernest G. Shaffer, who was a long-time friend to Henry.   He gave me permission to share his letter with my readers:

Earlier this evening I came across an item you wrote on your store’s blog last Nov. It was about finding a book by Henry B. Aul called “How To beautify and Improve Your Home Ground.” Since you wrote so enthusiastically about the book and its author, I thought I would email you something about him.
I knew Henry Aul for many, many years and was with him on many occasions over the years between 1968 and the present. He was married to my mother’s cousin. As you noted he was not only a garden editor and writer, he was also a landscape architect trained at Penn State University. In addition to his newspaper work which he continued at the “Trib” until it folded and then carried on for a few years at the New York Daily News, he did landscape design for private clients. He also for a number of years designed the annual Jackson and Perkins display gardens at the New York Flower Show.
 Henry retired in 1968 and he and his wife moved to Pennsylvania of which they were both natives. They lived first in Hershey and then, after 1982, in a retirement community outside of Lancaster. Henry died at the retirement community earlier today at the age of 104. He lived independently in a cottage at the retirement community until about four years ago and was in fairly good health–especially mentally–until shortly before his death.
In addition to the three books you mentioned, Henry also wrote “How To Plant Your Home Ground” published by Sheridan House in 1953.
I am certain Henry would have been gratified to learn that articles of his on garden design were still being found useful 60 years after their publication.
Ernest G. Shaffer
I’m thankful to Ernest for this update on Henry Aul, whose books helped inspire Ron and I to build a beautiful reading garden and terrace off the south side of our home.
It’s wonderful to think that Aul’s landscaping genius will live on through his books, continuing to inspire others in years to come.
I will think of him whenever I enter our garden.

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