Haunting Books

Don’t look now — but Halloween is lurking just around the corner.   Poltergeists, ghosts, hauntings — oh my!  Carve the pumpkin, load up on candy, and forage for a costume if you will — but if you want to get serious about the supernatural, here are some books for you:

Borderland, by W. T. Stead (University Books, New Hyde Park, NY, 1970)

Borderland – A Casebook of True Supernatural Stories is a classic collection of true cases of apparitions, hauntings, astral projection, clairvoyance, and premonitions — and the first systematic work of its kind.  Originally published in England in two separate volumes, Real Ghost Stories and More Ghost Stories — as Christmas and New Year numbers of Review of Reviews, 1891-92.  It was later published as one volume in 1897 and titled Real Ghost Stories.  It is a compilation of remarkable case histories of supernatural phenomena which was long out of print until this new American edition was published in 1970 by University Books, Inc.  with an introduction by Leslie Shepard.

The author, William Thomas Stead, was one of the most famous journalists of the nineteenth century and was also an illustrious social reformer.   Stead himself demonstrated amazing psychic powers, having accurate premonitions of future events and also experimented with automatic writing.  He was among the many famous passengers who lost their lives on the Titanic when it sank in April of 1912.

Ghosts Vivisected, by A.M.W. Stirling (Citadel, NY, 1958)

Ghosts Vivisected – An Impartial Inquiry into Their Manners, Habits, Mentality, Motives and Physical Construction by A. M. W. Stirling is the result of the authors research into hauntings, rappings, ghostly orgies, prophetic dreams, and other inexplicable phenomena.  In addition, an amazing account is given of the continuous hauntings at Beavor Lodge (England), recorded by Sir William Richmond, and confirmed by many of his family and by eminent visitors, including John Ruskin.

Poltergeists, by Sacheverell Sitwell (University Books, NY, 1959)

Poltergeists – An Introduction and Examination followed by Chosen Instances is a delightful though disturbing book which gathers the best of the abundant written evidence of poltergeist activity and examines it dispassionately.

The most famous and best authenticated cases on record are closely scrutinized.  One of the most interesting of them is the haunting of Epworth Rectory, the home of John Wesley’s family.  Part of the account is in the words of Wesley himself.

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