Stanley Lloyd – Equine Illustrator

Illustration by Stanley Lloyd from the book "The Wednesday Pony"

For a good part of my life  I’ve read every horse book I could get my hands on.  I’ve nearly always had horses in my life– we still have one old Arab mare.  Over the years I had many favorite American equine illustrators, and those that topped my list were C. W. Anderson, Paul Brown, and Sam Savitt, among others.  Each had their own style, and had an inimitable method of capturing the character and movement of the horse.

Recently I came across an illustrator I was unfamiliar with named Stanley Lloyd when I purchased a copy of The Wednesday Pony, by Primrose Cumming.  My copy is a first American Edition (M.S. Mill Co., New York, 1939), but the book is British and so is the illustrator.  I find Lloyd’s illustrations quite charming!   Turns out that Stanley Lloyd was was quite a famous illustrator in his time.  He did illustrations for The Detective Magazine in 1923-1924 and Woman’s Magazine in 1935-1936, and illustrated the The Greystone Girls series (Blackie – 1940-50’s), among others.    His most famous horse illustrations were done for children’s author Primrose Cummings’ books, and he was particularly famous for his work in her book, Silver Snaffles (Blackie, 1937).

Here are more Stanley Lloyd  illustrations from my copy of The Wednesday Pony by Primrose Cumming:


Look for these Horse Books illustrated by Stanley Lloyd (listed with their original Publisher):

Silver Snaffles, by Primrose Cumming  (Blackie, 1937)

The Wednesday Pony, by Primrose Cumming (Blackie, 1937)

The Chestnut Filly, by Primrose Cumming (Blackie, 1940)

The People of the Valley by  J. Ivester Lloyd (illustrations also by T. Ivester Lloyd – Country Life, 1943)

Horses from the Valley by Brian Fairfax Lucy (Oxford University Press, 1941)
The Horse from India by Brian Fairfax Lucy (Frederick Muller, 1944)

Riding Days in Hook’s Hollow by Marjorie Mary Oliver (Country Life, 1944)

Bonny the Pony by Ruth Clarke (Frederick Warne, 1947)
Johnny Rides Out by J Ivester Lloyd  (Citadel Press, 1948)

Spurs for Suzanna by Betty Cavanna (Lutterworth Press, 1948)

That Ass Neddy, by Ethel Nokes (Ward, Lock & Co., 1948)

The Friends of Van by Brenda Spender (Country Life, 1949)

Jill and Prince the Pony by Joan Dickins (Blackie, 1949)
Horseman’s Island by Marjorie Mary Oliver (Country Life, 1950)

Here at Old Scrolls Book Shop we keep a well stocked equine section, and many are illustrated books for children and young adults.  Visit us to find your favorites!


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