A Beautiful Old Book on Cookery — for a Bride

If you are a cookbook collector, you know how difficult it can be to find old cook books which have been preserved in fine condition.   I fell in love with this book we acquired recently – a lovely book on cookery for new brides published in 1908 by Reilly & Britton Co. (first American edition).  The Canadian edition was published by the Copp, Clark Company in Toronto.

Recipes in The Bride’s Cook Book are arranged alphabetically and thumb-indexed.

fore edge of book showing recessed thumb index

Each indexed section begins with a charming color illustration accompanied by an enchanting quote.

The recipes are for two to three people –tailored for a newly married couple.  Some are old and quaint, others are as useful today as they were when they were printed.

The Bride’s Cook Book is a “culinary landmark book” which appears in Culinary landmarks: A bibliography of Canadian cookbooks, 1825-1949  by Elizabeth Driver (2008) — a 1,008-page book containing descriptions of 2,276 cookbooks published between 1825 to 1949 and published by the University of Toronto Press.

frontis illustration

This beautiful copy of The Bride’s Cook Book is available at Old Scrolls Book Shop.


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