The Easter Bunny Brings BIG Trees to our Reading Garden

Image Here’s something a little different from my bookish posts.  We knew we needed some TALL trees on the west side of our Reading Garden.   Some new neighbors built a house on the crest of a hill on acreage adjacent to us on the sunset side.  Nice house, nice neighbors, but not what we were used to looking at after all these years.  So it called for trees.  We planted a bunch of ten-footers early this Spring.  But the new house is on a hill, and although those trees helped give us back some natural privacy, they still have a long way to grow to surmount the high-placed house.

Reading Garden. New house in upper right corner.

Then Ron got the brilliant idea of moving our three big trees from the north boundary of our property (where we really don’t get to appreciate them) to the area west of the Reading Garden.  And our wonderful neighbors from across the road had the equipment and gumption to do it!


The whole family got involved, Andrew, his father Floyd (visiting for Easter), Andrew and Eva’s four boys, and Frosty the dog!

Frosty and Darren

Floyd making it happen! Trenching around a tree.

The real supervisor...

Lifting out a tree...

Floyd and Andrew surveying the situation.

The neat thing is that I planted these giants twenty-five years ago when they were little sprigs obtained from the County Agricultural Extension Center.  I had no idea at the time that I would be needing them on the other side of the property.  But here they are – settled in their new and permanent location.

It's almost like they grew there, overnight!

What a weekend!  Nobody could ask for better neighbors.  Our thanks to the Hoover family (and the Easter Bunny).

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