Combing the Beach for Shells and Shark’s Teeth

Who knew we would be searching for shells and shark’s teeth instead of books!?  Another day in paradise, visiting family and enjoying the beauty of Florida while we take a break from the book hunt.  Today we really enjoyed beach combing beneath blue skies on Boca Grande Beach.

Here I am on the beach at Boca Grande, with a "Florida snow shovel", used to sift shells from the sand.

I found a little friend on the beach, and learned he was a “ghost crab.”  They scuttle sideways, and hide in a little hole they make on the beach.  This one made friends with us, and came over to join us on our blanket.  He stayed with us a good part of the day in the shade of one of our chairs.  It was a good hiding place from the gulls flying overhead.

Our friendly little ghost crab

One of two light houses on Boca Grande, built around 1890.

Ron really got into the shell hunting...he even caught a fish in his basket. Sure beats shoveling snow! A sandpiper in the foreground.

Another light house on Boca Grande

A vintage gas pump on Boca

Here are the two beach bums soaking up as much sun as possible before getting back to the book trail in the next day or two.  We hear it is SNOWING at home in New York…maybe our next book stop should be Havana??

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