Book Scouter’s “Minnesota Breakfast”!

We aren’t in Minnesota yet, but close enough to get what my sister calls a “Minnesota Breakfast.”  Bloody Mary (with deviled eggs and bacon) and a beer chaser!  Great for getting rid of the book scouting road dust.   We just obtained this beauty at the Radisson Hotel in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin…

A Minnesota Breakfast

A Minnesota Breakfast

With eggs and bacon!

With eggs and bacon!

Day One:  We started out yesterday from Cleveland, Ohio.  It was our first overnight stop, where we attended the Case Western Reserve University Book Sale on Saturday morning…

Book Sale - Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio

Book Sale – Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio

Case Western Reserve University, inside Veale Center

Case Western Reserve University, inside Veale Center

It was $20.00 each for admission to the pre-sale, which was held from 10am to 12 noon.  After that, admission was free.  We went to the pre-sale.   We purchased about twenty-five books here.   It was a spacious book-buying venue, well-organized.  Almost over-organized, as you had to check out of each book category area as you left it to move on to another.

After the sale, we got back on the highway and headed West all the way to Chicago.

Heading into Chicago

Heading into Chicago

We try to visit different book stores each time we come to Chicago.  On our last Midwestern trip, we visited Powell’s and O’Gara and Wilson.  This time we were just passing through to reach some other stores in Wisconsin, but we did stop at Myopic Books  at 1564 N. Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL.   The great thing about Myopic Books is that it’s open 7 days a week from 9am-11pm.   When you are traveling, timing is everything in trying to hit book stores during their open hours.  Many book shops close up by 4:30 or 5:00pm.  We arrived in Chicago around 5:30pm, so we still had plenty of time to explore this store.

Myopic Books - Chicago, IL

Myopic Books – Chicago, IL

Three floors of books, with an inventory of around 80,000 volumes.  Not really our kind of store, as the emphasis here is not on collectible books.  Those that fell into the collectible category were quite high priced for their condition, we thought.  “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign” applies here — NO DISCOUNTS, NO HAGGLING,  NO PICTURE TAKING, ETC. ETC.   Great selection of reading material in all genres, and the place seemed well frequented by young people, which is always good to see.

The location is in a hopping area with lots of young people, pubs, and small restaurants all the way up and down the street.   We went across the street to grab some dinner at a pub called “Pint” at 1547 North Milwaukee.  They had lots of books on their walls…and pretty good Shepherd’s Pie.

Ron at Pint Pub in Chicago

Ron at Pint Pub in Chicago

We drove on to Evanston, IL just north of Chicago where we hoped to stay overnight and explore some book shops in there the morning.   BUT, we experienced difficulty finding a room for the night due to graduations and weddings,  so we motored on north into Wisconsin, stopping at about 10:30 at a Raddison Hotel in Pleasant Prairie.  Big wedding party was going on at our arrival, but they had a nice room for us at a reasonable price.

Catch up with us soon —  we are  headed north toward Sturgeon Bay!


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  1. Hey you guys! Are you coming back through Chicago??
    We have our temporary place in Vernon Hills until the 10th and closing on the city condo is tomorrow,furniture coming Wednesday.
    I would meet you anywhere, lunch, dinner, stay overnight if you want… Call me 585-260-5872 !

  2. I think I’ll join Ron at the Pint Pub…looks like fun!

    • Corinne,
      Wish you could join us! We are going to try to hook up with Laura on our way back through Chicago.
      – Cathy

  3. Ron
    Grant Hay from G. Haybooks here. I lived at 5445 N. Sheridan #3601 which at the end of Lakeshore Dr., just south of Evanston.
    Happy hunting and a safe return.

    • Nice to hear from you Grant! Thanks for your well wishes — hope to see you soon when we get back.
      – Cathy and Ron

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