Book Scouting the Midwest – Last Chapter!

After a full day of book scouting in Evanston on Thursday, we headed straight south into Chicago to visit old friends from Canandaigua, New York who had recently relocated to Chicago.  It was great to see my friend Laura and her husband Tony in their new digs!

Laura and Me

Laura and Me

They were kind enough to invite us to dinner and to stay for the night.  After a good supper we took a long walk around beautiful downtown Chicago.


Their beautiful view of Lake Michigan from their living room window

 Lovely view of Lake Michigan from their living room window

In the morning we had coffee and walked around the neighborhood with Laura.  Then we were rolling down the highway again, arriving in Fort Wayne, Indiana at about 2:00pm in front of Hyde Brothers Books.

Hyde Brothers Books, 1428 Wells St., Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Hyde Brothers Books, 1428 Wells St., Ft. Wayne, Indiana

This is a regular stop for us when passing through the Midwest.  An excellent shop with two floors of books in all genres, complete with rolling library ladders.  As always, we made some nice purchases here.  Sam Hyde, who owns this shop, has a brother named Joel who broke off and started his own book shop a few miles away several years ago.  When Joel started his own shop, they came up with a solution to split the inventory; hence, Joel’s shop is called Every Other Book. 

I failed to snap any photos while we visited Joel’s shop —  maybe because we are just a bit road-weary and befuddled, or  possibly due to the fact that we were too engrossed in Joel’s books!  We found a nice stack of collectible quality books here…decorated cloth bindings, a lovely children’s book, and some Modern Library editions.

Anyway, thanks to both the Hyde Brothers for keeping great book shops available in Ft. Wayne and for their hospitality.

We loaded up our books and headed east, driving until 9pm.

Aaargh!  Like hungry pirates adrift too long at sea, we washed up in Toledo, Ohio and took a late dinner at The Black Pearl Restaurant .  Friendly mates and good food!


Black Pearl Restaurant, Toledo, OH

 We stayed overnight at a nearby hotel, and upon waking  we noticed a HUGE antique mall off to the left our room when we stepped outside for a morning stretch.

Maumee Antique Mall, Maumee, OH (Near Toledo)

Maumee Antique Mall, Maumee, OH (Near Toledo)

We had to go in and look for books.  The place has over 300 booths and showcases in over 110,000 square feet of space.

There were quite a few dealers that carried books (some newish, some old) spread out all over the place.  We split up and searched the entire place in about two hours.  We came up with only two collectible books!  We always say that antique malls are where old books go to die, and this was no exception.

Soon, we were on the road again, logging a hundred miles or so before stopping for a late lunch.  Now where do you think we are here??

20130615_152121_resizedWould you believe…Cleveland, Ohio?  We stopped a guy walking a dog in a residential area of Cleveland to ask about finding a good place for lunch, and he was kind enough to tell us about a place called The Sunset Grill on Whiskey Island on the North edge of Cleveland.  It is a place that locals go — I’m not sure anyone from out of town could ever find it without assistance.

It was like a big family picnic that goes on all summer!

Having fun on Whiskey Island - Cleveland, OH

Having fun on Whiskey Island – Cleveland, OH


Bar made from a boat - Sunset Grill, Whiskey Island

Bar made from a boat – Sunset Grill, Whiskey Island

They had the BEST pulled pork sandwich I have ever tasted.

We set out on the last leg of our journey homeward, arriving back at Old Scrolls Book Shop and HOME at about 10pm on Saturday evening, (June 15).

I’ll be back — after a little rest — with a wrap-up and summary of our book scouting journey, and I’ll share photos of some of our wonderful finds.

We hope you enjoyed exploring the Midwest with us!






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