When the Weather Outside is Frightful…

Heap on the Wood

“Heap on the Wood.

The Wind is chill;

But let it whistle as it will,

We’ll keep our Christmas merry still.

– Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832)


Winter has come to western New York, and both snow and wood are heaped around our home and bookstore.  It is our time for loading the wood stove, fulfilling holiday book orders, and decorating for Christmas.  The snow is accumulating and the wind sings through the bare branches outdoors as we go about our tasks indoors.


The nights are long, which makes for good reading.  How lucky I am to have walls of bookcases and thousands of books at my fingertips…what a treat to select just the one that suits my mood, get into soft pajamas late at night and steal away to read.


There’s been so little time for reading — or eating or sleeping, for that matter!  We’ve been repainting two of the upstairs book rooms.

Happy work!

Happy work!

Sounds simple enough — but not in a bookstore, where such work entails moving thousands of books and oodles of bookcases, besides doing the actual painting of the walls, floors, and ceiling.



Are we crazy?  Maybe, but the rooms really needed to be freshened up and we are finally nearing the finish line on these projects.


Soon we can put everything back in place…bookcases, books, window coverings.  It’s a work in progress!


I’ve managed to send a few holiday cards out to customers, but not nearly as many as I had hoped to do.  So please know we wish happy holidays to all of our friends and customers at Old Scrolls Book Shop, and to the readers and followers of our blog.  We sincerely hope you have a season of joy and a prosperous and healthy New Year.

Merry Christmas from Old Scrolls Book Shop

Merry Christmas from Old Scrolls Book Shop

We look forward to having you visit us, and join us in our book scouting adventures in 2014!

Ron and Cathy – Old Scrolls Book Shop


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  1. For California, it has been awfully cold. At same time the cold air which moved into bay area keeps the smoke from fireplaces down low so we have had an unprescedated(sic) 11 straight days of no fireplace or other open burning of any sort under penalty of a big fine. Then there was/is the recycle yard fire which filled the air with toxic fumes from burning plastic etc. Your winters sound healthier. J

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