Two Crazy Booksellers Hit the Road

It’s been a despicable winter–can you see that it’s making us crazy?

2013-14 Winter - CABIN FEVER

2013-14 Winter – CABIN FEVER!

Okay, so the winter of 2013-14 has finally gotten to us.  Cabin Fever, sun deprivation, shrinking firewood supply, exhaustion, mental dullness…it’s all there…symptoms of an unusually long, dreary and cold New York State winter.

But WE know the cure!  To save ourselves, we are about to point the book buggy southward and escape on a book scouting adventure.  We hope to replenish not only our book inventory, but our energy and depleted Vitamin D levels on this trip to sunnier regions of the U.S.A.

Stay tuned as we take you along on a journey to used and rare bookstores, book sales, and an antiquarian book fair in the sunny south!

We hope to send you some nicer images of us soon.


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  1. Have a great time, you two!

    • Thanks Corinne! Miss you — hope you are still enjoying the sunshine and getting a great tan. Not much improvement in the weather here…but I think it will start getting warmer when you return! The snow was still swirling today…

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