First and Last Visit to O. Brisky Books – Micanopy, FL

Which way did we go??


After a long hard winter, it feels so good to be in Florida, experiencing warm sunshine!  We’ve shed the jackets and gloves, which have been happily replaced with flip-flops and sunglasses!!

After driving Friday afternoon and all day Saturday (with a short stop for a little book scouting in Cincinnati, Ohio), we crossed into the Sunshine State at about 2pm on Saturday March 8.

Our first southern book scouting stop of the trip was at O. Brisky Books in Micanopy, Florida.  Mr. Brisky, a long-time, respected bookseller, passed away in February.  He was well loved in his community — a beautiful gem of a small town just south of Gainesville.


Micanopy (pronounced: mi-cah-NO-pee) is so quaintly beautiful, I could hardly believe my eyes when we arrived.  “Old Florida” homes and buildings (wood bungalows with wrap-around porches, brick buildings with shaded walks), moss draped trees, friendly people and laid-back charm.

Beautiful door handle on the entrance to O. Brinsky's

Love this beautiful iron door handle on the entrance to O. Brisky’s


General store across the street from O. Brinsky's

General store across the street from O. Brisky’s

Gary Nippes (doorway) and Ron just outside O. Brisky's.

Gary Nippes (doorway) and Ron just outside O. Brisky’s.


street view, Micanopy, Florida

Gary Nippes, a friend of Mr. Brisky’s and a long time bookman,  is handling closing out the remaining inventory in the store.  It is mostly non-fiction, with some literature.  The store was busy with local customers during the two hours or so that we were there, and there was a good selection of hardcover books in a wide variety of subject areas.   We purchased a variety of books in history, adventure/travel, biography, literature and children’s literature.

interior of O. Brinsky Books, Micanopy, Florida

interior of O. Brisky Books, Micanopy, Florida


Sadly, another long-time bookseller and book store has been lost — and will be missed by the people of Micanopy, Florida and the booksellers who knew  Mr. Brisky.

After loading up the books, we strolled through the town and enjoyed the late afternoon by chatting with some of the locals before pointing the car further south.


Check back soon to see where we turn up next on our book hunting journey…


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