Black Swan Books – Lexington, KY


The last book shop stop we made on this trip was in Lexington, Kentucky at Black Swan Books.   We had visited the shop two years ago, and were happy to find it still as nice as we remembered it to be.

There is street parking in front of the store and we found a spot without difficulty.

Black Swan Books, 505 E. Maxwell St., Lexington, KY

Black Swan Books, 505 E. Maxwell St., Lexington, KY

This shop has been in business since 1984, and is run by J. Michael Courtney.   Here one can comfortably browse the pleasant spacious rooms filled with neatly shelved books in a wide variety of genres.  The books are  in clean, solid condition.


The shop offers Americana, Kentuckiana, Military History, Literature, Art, Poetry, Horticulture, Modern Firsts, Modern Library Editions and more.  There is a beautiful rare book room containing a wide variety of collectible books.

Rare book room at Black Swan Books, Lexington, KY

Rare book room at Black Swan Books, Lexington, KY

We found several nice decorated cloth bindings here (Michael has collected them himself for years).

Black Swan has something for every serious book lover in a wide price range (reading quality to highly collectible).  Prices are moderate…but that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t some good natured dealer-to-dealer haggling going on, as you can see below…

Michael and Ron negotiating

Michael and Ron

I told Michael he wins the prize for the nicest book store restroom.  Sorry, I didn’t take a photo — you’ll have to stop in and see for yourself!  Bring a friend.

Make sure you check back soon for our 2014 Spring book scouting trip summary.  We’ll show you some of our finds, and  share a few stories I may have left out along the way.






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