Richard Minsky’s Native American Theme Exhibition


On Saturday, March 29, 2014 we were back on the road again, this time to attend Richard Minsky’s latest exhibition, Trade Bindings with Native American Themes 1875-1933.   The exhibition was held at his home and gallery in Hudson, New York, and coincides with the upcoming publication of his latest exquisite catalog of this book collection.



20140329_155751_resized_2There is much to grab your attention upon entering, even before you get to the book gallery.





In the book gallery at Richard Minsky's.  The woman in the center of the pic facing camera (blue jacket) is Janet Steins of Tozzer library of anthropology at Harvard.

In the book gallery at Richard Minsky’s. Facing us in the center of photo, woman in blue jacket at end of glass case is Janet Steins of the Tozzer Library of Anthropology at Harvard.

This was the first “subject” theme exhibition in Minsky’s series covering the Golden Age of publisher’s bindings.  It features beautiful decorative and pictorial cover designs incorporating Native American themes which were created by artists such as Margaret Armstrong, Frank Hazenplug, Rome K. Richardson, George W. Hood, The Decorative Designers, and many others.





"The Indian Book" The design of Richard's latest catalog is based on this book's cover

“The Indians’ Book”
The design of Richard Minsky’s latest catalog is based on this book’s cover. Original was an unsigned cover design, likely by Angel de Cora ((Hinook Mahiwi Kilinaka, Winnebago) Harper and Brothers, 1907




Richard Minsky, his lovely and talented life partner Barbara, and my husband Ron sharing a laugh



Richard’s exhibitions are well attended by a wide range of delightful and interesting book people, including rare book librarians from large universities, authors, book collectors, friends and bibliophiles…and a select few rare book dealers who he purchases his stock from!!

Richard Minsky (left); Rebecca Rego Barry and husband Jeff (center), and me

Richard Minsky (left); Rebecca Rego Barry, Editor of Fine Books Magazine and husband Brett (center)… and me

Ina Saltz, art director, designer, author,  and Professor of Art at The City College of New York

Ina Saltz, art director, designer, author, and Professor of Art at The City College of New York

There are so many fascinating conversations going on, you have to keep moving to take it all in…




Richard and Barbara are excellent hosts, and they make sure a good time is had by all…



Richard talking with Joan K. Davidson (wearing red), President of Furthermore grants in publishing and former Chairman of the NY State Council on the Arts.

Here is part of the workshop in the gallery where Richard does his fine book binding…


Can’t wait to have our copy of the catalog in our hands!  For information on obtaining your own personal copy of Richard Minsky’s  Trade Bindings with Native American Themes 1875-1933 click HERE.  





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  1. Well done. The first book is probably by DD firm and I will never own one cause by time he rubbed my nose in it, it was way out of my price range. I knew about it maybe 8 years ago and found it in a file of books one of my competitors had bought off ebay for prob. min bid 99 cents. Which is what she was paying for 80 to 90 % of the books she was buying at a rate of 30 per week. Have no idea where she was gonna put them. Oh well, happy with what I have esp. The Basket Lady in DJ. which was a UBL and UBM.

    • Hi John,
      You probably have the nicest collection in the country, from what I’ve seen! So celebrate what you have, for sure — but the quest goes on as long as we live and breathe. That’s pure enjoyment.

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