Pennsylvania – Book Hunter’s Dream

A street view in York, PA

A street view in York, PA

I love, LOVE, Pennsylvania.  Beautiful forested mountains, winding river valleys, lovely old towns steeped in history, houses built of stone.  Lower taxes  (in comparison to New York State, at least) making gas, food, lodging and just about everything else more affordable.  It is also terrific book scouting country…it seems to harbor just the kind of antiquarian books we like, and the York Book and Paper Fair is a great place to find lots of gems in one great location.


So we made the beautiful drive last weekend to the 2014 fair held in the charming city of  York on October 18.  From our home and book shop, York is about a four hour drive, most of it down beautiful Rte 15.  And, the date of the event coincided exactly with our wedding anniversary, so we drove down on Friday evening and made a weekend of it!



On our way down we stopped in Mansfield, PA for dinner at a delightful restaurant called Lamb’s Creek.



The York Book & Paper Fair is held at the beautiful Holiday Inn & Convention Center, 200 Loucks Road (Rte. 74 & US 30) in York, PA.  We arrived  at around 11:30pm.  Happily, they saved our room for us!

Main Lobby at Holiday Inn & Convention Center, York, PA

Main Lobby at Holiday Inn & Convention Center, York, PA


It’s a wonderful thing for booksellers and buyers who come from far away to be able to stay at the same location as the book fair — get up in the morning, have your coffee, and walk right in to the event!  It’s a lovely venue — the hotel has lounge and restaurant facilities on site, and the rooms are  reasonably priced.

Entrance to the York Book and Paper Fair

Entrance to the York Book and Paper Fair – Holiday Inn, York, Pennsylvania

This sale is always well attended.  Dealers and buyers come from all over to buy and sell antiquarian books, ephemera, maps, vinyl, and more.



Some of our favorite book dealers are regulars at this fair, like Jean Gonzalez from Somewhere in Time Books (St. James, NY).  Jean always has a beautiful selection of signed first editions and collectible quality books in all genres.

Jean Gonzalez of Somewhere In Time Books, with Ron Sollome (Old Scrolls Book Shop)

Jean Gonzalez, Somewhere In Time Books, with Ron

Jean will be offering collectible Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books at the upcoming World Fantasy Convention which runs November 6-9, 2014 in Washington, D.C.  Find him in the “Dealers Room.”  For more information on this great event attended by SF and Fantasy fans from all over the world, click HERE.

A purchase we made from Jean at Somewhere in Time at the fair:



E. Christian Mattson (below) of Baltimore, Maryland, is always fun to talk to in his booth — he’s both knowledgeable and entertaining — AND he brings a terrific book selection.

E. Christian Mattson, Baltimore, Maryland

E. Christian Mattson, Baltimore, Maryland

From him we purchased a tall stack of Landmark Series books, and this attractive decorated American trade binding:


Jesse Brubacher and his wife Sarah, of Jesse H. Brubacher Books (Stevens, PA) are among our top favorite book dealers.  They always offer the kind of books you are proud to own, always in fine condition (they had an especially nice variety of decorated American trade bindings).

Sarah Brubacher seated at her booth - York Book & Paper Fair 2014

Sarah Brubacher seated at their booth – York Book & Paper Fair 2014

Here are some of the books we purchased from the Brubachers:

IMG_6227 IMG_621420141019_194044_resized_1IMG_6235

Nice, huh??

Best of all, this is a pleasant and friendly fair!  People enjoy themselves;  there is excellent lighting, acoustics and space to move about in comfort, even when busy with buyers.   Best of all, there is a good variety of interesting and high quality stock.

We visited a book shop or two after the fair –and cracked open the champagne to celebrate our anniversary.  I’ll be back soon with the rest of story and a few more pics.






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  1. BTW, I have the Road to Damascus on my Marion L Peabody shelf. Won’t bet my pension on that but not many di art nouveau covers with figures as well as she did. National Parks is a DD for sure I found the Indian on a Horse cover for Minsky, one among many. Fun for me to scour my library for Native American Themes. Now that I see Dream Days, I have to check my pile of MP covers for both Dream Days and The Golden Age. I think I am missing one of the variations. What if you found it? oh my!

    I AM missing the blue sky variant of Dream Days. How did you know. I have two copies of the Gold sky Golden Age, which I could talked out of. Both are near fine only diff is the spine lettering of the publisher. If interested let me know and maybe we can work something out. In any event add that one to my list of need more info like price

    Wish I had been there!!!


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