After the York Book and Paper Fair…

OR,  How Bibliophiles Celebrate Their Wedding Anniversary…


After a full morning of book buying at the Fair, we drove over to The White Rose Bar and Grill  at 48 N. Beaver Street in York, which came highly recommended by one of the young ladies at the hotel front desk.


And she was so right.  We had a fabulous brunch here…superb Bloody Marys and Eggs Benedict with crab cakes and sweet potato fries…luscious!  This is an intriguing place with three separate bars and several dining areas, each unique enough to hold your interest until the splendid food arrives and grabs all your attention.

20141018_132632_resizedThe large but cozy dining room we ate in had an intricate overhead paddle fan system run by pulleys and belts…


The wonderful whirlygig machine that runs the fans in The White Rose (York, PA)

The wonderful whirlygig machine that runs the fans in The White Rose (York, PA)

And get a load of these really cool stone sinks in one of the restrooms!


There is even a smoking bar, where those among who choose to indulge can relax at the bar or on a soft leather couch to enjoy a cigarette along with a beer, wine or a cocktail.  Not too many places left where you can do that, these days.


Completely satisfied and refreshed, we moved on to our usual stop which ties in with this book fair, which is The York Emporium at 343 West Market Street.  This expansive one-floor store offers 250,000+ used and collectible books, plus antiques, records, comics and other collectibles.

The York Emporium, York, Pennsylvania

The York Emporium, York, Pennsylvania

They generally have a good sale running during the Book Fair, and coffee & donuts, too!  We often find interesting Modern Library titles here, along with other books from a wide assortment of genres.   Prices and conditions vary, but it’s a not-to-be missed stop; we never come away empty handed.  There is plenty of off-street free parking, and 250,000+ titles spread out over 19,000 square feet, so you ought to be able to find a box full of books, and get your exercise, too!   It’s been in existence since 1984… a book hunter’s paradise.

Books (and lava lamps!) at York Emporium

Books (and lava lamps!) at York Emporium

Back on the road, we headed north with plans to stop for the night in Selinsgrove, PA.   While enroute I rang up Graybill’s Old and Used Books in nearby Kreamer, PA to see if they might stay open for us (ETA 6pm).  I spoke with Diane, and she cheerfully agreed.  We always try to swing over to this store when we are traveling Rte. 15, because it is a place full of surprises and the owners are good people.  They are five miles west of Selinsgrove via Rte. 522 in the tiny town of Kreamer (home of Wood-Mode, Inc. — and if you are into nice quality kitchen cabinetry, you’ll know what that is!).

Eric and Diane Graybill (Graybill's Old & Used Books, Kreamer, PA)

Eric and Diane Graybill
(Graybill’s Old & Used Books, Kreamer, PA)

Eric and Diane have run Graybill’s out of the top floor of a barn on their property since 1980.  They have an interesting inventory of general stock (about 9,000 books), mostly hardcover, and some ephemera and vintage paperbacks.  Specialties include a good selection of children’s series books, along with Pennsylvania history, military, mystery, and many other categories.

We didn’t leave Graybill’s until around 8pm, chatty as we all were about the book fair, the book trade in general, our children, etc., etc.

But we did manage to procure a very nice room (again at a Holiday Inn) in Selinsgrove, and a reservation for dinner at BJ’s Steak & Rib House at 17 N. Market Street.  It was our anniversary night, after all!  BJ’s is housed in an historic old hotel dating to 1874…just our style.


Anniversary dinner at BJ’s Steak & Rib House, Selinsgrove, PA

We brought our favorite bubbly

We brought our favorite bubbly

We had a lovely dinner here, with good food and very nice service.

It was a successful book hunting weekend and a great Anniversary celebration — sharing what we love best…a road trip during great weather in the beautiful countryside while scouting for fine books!




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