Book Scouting Queen Gets Crowned

It’s never a good time to get a crown on your tooth…but three days before Christmas $$$?  Really??!

View from a pretty little alley in Penn Yan, NY

How do you make a visit to the dentist fun? Lucky me, I have a great dentist who is located in a good book scouting town — Penn Yan, New York.   So I usually find a way of working some book hunting into the mix when I have a dental appointment.  Ron was with me this trip, so after my crowning we stopped to eat at one of our favorite little spots in town, the Tavern Restaurant.  Let me repeat, my dentist is GREAT, so he didn’t numb me up too bad.  I could even sip a Bloody Mary out of a straw afterwards!! AND eat lunch.  Yay.

Tavern Restaurant, Penn Yan, NY

Our table by the fireplace

Our table by the fireplace – can’t really see it in this pic, but there was a nice fire blazing!

Penn Yan (the peculiar town name is a syllabic abbreviation of “Pennsylvania Yankee”) lies at the north end of the east branch of Keuka Lake, my favorite of the Finger Lakes.  It is about seventeen miles southeast of our home and book shop.  A pretty village of about 5,000 citizens, Penn Yan has two used book shops.

The Books Landing recently relocated to 9 Main Street after years in a small store on a corner at 1 Main Street.  I was anxious to see their new digs!  Unfortunately, they were closed.  All we could do was press our noses to the window.  (Fortunately, my return trip to get my permanent crown is scheduled for a Tuesday.  Hope that works.)

The Books Landing, Penn Yan, NY

The Books Landing, Penn Yan, NY

The Books Landing, run by a very nice lady named Barb Mullins,  has always leaned toward paperbacks and good reading quality books for the locals and seasonal visitors.  But I have found enough unexpected hardcover collectible gems in that store to keep me coming back.

Next, we telephoned Eileen O’Reilly, proprietor of Belknap Hill Books at 106 Main Street.  We found this store to be closed too, but with a sign taped to the door that said “Want Books? Call…” and of course we did!  She and her wonderful dog (“Rosie”) were kind enough to come right over and open up for us.


Eileen O’Reilly, Proprietor of Belknap Hill Books – Penn Yan, NY

Rosie, the book store dog

          Rosie, the book store dog

Eileen has operated Belknap Hill Books out of this store since 1987.  She and her husband have recently decided to put this three-story residential-commercial building up for sale.  It may be the end of another book shop…and I will be sad.

Belknap Hill Books, Penn Yan, NY

Belknap Hill Books, Penn Yan, NY

20141222_142406_resizedHere are some lovely books we purchased at Eileen’s…

The Inns of the Middle Ages

The Inns of the Middle Ages

Kotto - - Being Japanese Curios, with Sundry Cobwebs

Kotto – – Being Japanese Curios, with Sundry Cobwebs

Master of the Vineyard

Master of the Vineyard

Wanted - A Chaperon

Wanted – A Chaperon

Penn Yan is high on my list of favorite New York towns.  Interesting shops, walkable streets, the clip-clopping of Mennonite horse & buggies, a most beautiful lake and lots of wineries nearby.   It is quaint, historic, and just quirky enough to be interesting!


Were they expecting Noah?


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  1. Looks like a great time was had in Penn Yan. Minsky was also having a great fire in his fireplace yesterday(?) and nearly burned his house down. Leak in the chimney caught the wall on fire and the whole fireplace and chimney had to be pulled down. Blaze confined to that area and little damage elsewhere.

    Wish I knew who des. of Kotto was. I have one in black cloth not nearly as great as yours.

  2. Pennsylvania Yankee? Never knew that!!

    • Hi Corinne,
      Nice to hear from you! Most of the early settlers in Penn Yan were either Pennsylvanians or New Englanders (Yankees), hence the name.
      Boy, this week went fast. I hope you had a terrific Christmas holiday. Good luck tomorrow…and I’ll see you at the office if you decide to come in. Will be holding down the fort, regardless!!

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