The Rosario Islands (Islas Del Rosario)

The story of our Colombian trip would not be complete without sharing the magnificent day we spent in the Rosario Islands (Islas del Rosario).  They are located about 55 kilometers from Cartagena in the Caribbean Sea.  It was like finding a secret Paradise!


The Waters are crystal clear, the beaches are beautiful white sand, and the coral reefs host a great variety of sea fauna and flora.


The archipelago Islas Del Rosario is comprised of 30 islands that are within the municipality of Cartagena.  The Islands have special government protection as a natural park.  Both public and private islands pay rent to the government — there is no private property in the islands.


We traveled to the islands on a chartered speedboat, captained by a very capable boatman who got us there in under an hour over some fairly choppy sea.






Boca Grande area of modern Cartagena in the background

Our boat captain

Our boat captain


On our way out – ancient Spanish fort near the mouth of the harbor

The Latin music was playing, the sun was shining, and the ice cubes were jumping from our drinks as we made our way across the sea!


Enjoying the ride!




The water was warm, inviting and crystal clear.  We did a little snorkeling at our first island stop, and my son Adam came up out of the water with a lovely conch shell (unoccupied) after about five minutes in the water.




Here is the conch after we had some new friends clean it for us several days later -back at the car wash (and impromptu shell-cleaning shack)!


Our next island landing was Baru Island, where we spent time at the beautiful Agu Azul Beach Resort Hotel.  Formerly the luxurious secluded home of a drug lord, it is now a 5-star boutique hotel.






20150208_115548 20150208_115141







We had this beautiful beach all to ourselves…




Here’s our whole group after lunch!



In the afternoon on our way back to Cartagena, we had the pleasure of hanging out for awhile among a regatta of beautiful sailboats.  One was from Florida, not sure about the others…all were magnificent to watch under sail.





Awww…Ron lost his Panama hat on the boat-ride home.


The HAT – pictured just the day before it went to the fishes.  We had been watching the evolution of this hat over the course of the week’s adventures…it had become quite dilapidated.

Bye-bye hat!!




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