More Book Scouting – Florida Style

Okay, so this first photo isn’t book scouting.  Once in a while to have to cool your heels in the sand and water and look for shells!

That’s the beauty of Florida book scouting.

A little break on the Beach in Englewood

A little break on the Beach in Englewood, FL

Our book scouting took us to the lovely Cape Coral, Florida public library where they were holding a Friends of the Library Sale.

Cape Coral, Florida Public Library

Cape Coral, Florida Public Library


We joined the line…

20150423_152255_resizedThere were about 10,000 books offered at the sale.  Many of the books were newer (not the vintage era books we seek), but we did find a few.  Here is a sampling of books we brought back from Cape Coral…


An early printing of the first edition of “The Grapes of Wrath.”

20150526_202428_resized20150526_202549_resizedNot the best F.O.L. sale for us!  After combing through the books,  we drove over to the Cape Coral Yacht Club to drown our disappointment (Cape Coral has a public beach and yacht club — a fun one, not a snooty one!).


We spotted this lovely old car parked nearby beneath the shade trees…a 1921 Model “T” — in close to original condition!


It was the best old thing we’d seen all day (besides each other…haha).


The Yacht Club  “Boat House Bar” had lovely views, outdoor seating and live music.








All in all…not a bad day!


Coming up… our trip to Gainesville for their library sale!


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