Awesome Antiquarian Books – Minneapolis

This may well be our favorite Twin Cities book shop, which we visited for the first time during our recent Minnesota trip!

James & Mary Laurie, Booksellers - 250 3rd Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN

James & Mary Laurie, Booksellers – 250 3rd Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN


We spent an entirely wonderful day here!

20150630_122601_resizedTheir hours are 11-6 Monday through Saturday and by appointment.  Free parking available in a small lot on one side of the store (limited number of spaces), but also a big parking ramp nearby.

We found a nice space in the lot at opening time, around 11am.

With an inventory of over 120,000 books, our day was well occupied!


Here’s me, wondering where to start…

This beautiful and large street-level shop also houses more than 30,000 classical and jazz vinyl records, and a gallery of old prints and maps.


To say we were excited about the book selection here is an understatement, especially since there were many nice examples of our favorite specialty, decorated American trade bindings.  But of course there were thousands of interesting books in all genres, and they were in beautiful condition.  The shop is well organized and easy to browse, with pleasant surprises at every turn.


Here are just a few samples of some of the beautiful decorated bindings we found here:









James & Mary Laurie Booksellers was founded in 1969 (they were located for twenty years on the Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis before moving to this location).   We did not have the pleasure of meeting Mary, but Jim is a super guy, and was wonderful to us during our visit.

Here I am with Jim Laurie

Here I am with Jim Laurie.  He’s a tall one!

After hours of perusing and purchasing books, we broke away for a little pick-me-up at Dunn Brothers Coffee, just around the corner.


Great smile, great coffee!


When we returned to the book shop, we were invited to descend to their warehouse area, where many more books are stored.  Come on along!




Here were many more thousands of books, stacked to the ceiling.  Good thing we had that coffee!!

20150630_145244_resizedWe found several wonderful books down here as well, and added them to our purchases.

Can’t say enough good things about this book store — make sure you pay them a visit if you are ever in Minneapolis!

In the evening, we met my sister Karen and her husband Gene in Spring Park for a sunset cruise on her daughter and son-in-law’s boat.






The weather was perfect for a quiet evening on Lake Minnetonka

20150630_192026_resizedPerfect ending of another Minnesota-beautiful day.





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  1. Can you sell me Double Trouble?

  2. I have everything else! 😦 J

    Just heard from a dealer in used books in Charleston Ill, where I spent my first two years at college. he tells me there are three used book stores on the square and a bunch of antique shops. maybe I should think about moving back to Illinois???

  3. What a trip. How were the mosquitos? I hear three of them can carry a child away!

    I found my Mary Garvin in a Basement as well. It is a treasure. never seen another one.

  4. I do want to buy your double trouble book and all I ask is an invoice from paypal on the 28th. At 20 % off it is just too tempting . You never saw me find my copy so fast, which is now sooooo ordinary. I found it on your website. Looks near fine indeed. I thought you put two copies together for the pic but then I looked at the spine with two flowers, hard to fake that! Cheers, John

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