Thankful to be Alive!

We never know what lies beyond the next turn in the path

We don’t know what lies beyond the next turn in the path

Late November is time for giving thanks.   For me, every day is time to pause and give thanks.

In case you have noticed my absence, I feel I should explain that in late July I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm, waking up in the wee hours of the morning with a headache from Hell.  I was able to stand up, wake my husband and tell him I needed to go the emergency room, and then I blacked out on the floor from the pain.  Few people survive such a medical event unscathed; a very high percentage don’t survive it at all.

Thanks to my loving husband Ron’s quick action, and his insistence on a CT scan when we reached our local hospital, I have survived and am grateful to be recovering with almost no residual effects.  Emergency surgery was performed at Strong Hospital in Rochester, NY by a superb neurological team.  I can’t say enough good about them, or heap enough praise upon all of our friends and family who have been supportive and helpful to both Ron and me through this chapter in our lives.

I have been spending my time on small book store activities, reading and resting; also Ron and I have done a lot of walking to help regain my strength.  Nature is so healing!


Photo taken on a recent walk along the western shore of Hemlock Lake

Photo taken on a recent walk along the western shore of Hemlock Lake

Old Scrolls Book Shop is still going strong, and we are buying and selling fine books as usual, both online and in store.

Thanks to all of YOU, my readers, for your patience and understanding.  I have been gradually returning to my normal activities, and you can expect me back here blogging on books very soon!

Happy to be alive!

                   Happy to be alive!



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  1. What a wonderful set of pics esp. the one with the Wood Sprite sitting on a log! Welcome good news after the Paris Horror. Very glad to not doing any over-seas travel for business. My Paris experience was mild in comparison. Missed a flight to Nice due to daylight savings time change, stayed over through Sunday and went to 4 stores to buy a typical lunch: wine, bread, cheese and cold cuts. I let my Swiss/French Engineer associate do all the talking, in French , his native language…. he got short changed in all four stores. He was so mad, the steam was curling out of his ears! ~(:-))

    My wife Marlene enjoyed your pics as well as me. Thanks again for her.

  2. Oh Cathy! I am also so thankful that you are alive and doing well! Love to you and Ron, Laura


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