More from the Great Book Town of Ann Arbor

The fourth bookstore we visited on July 12, 2016 in Ann Arbor.  Here I am in front of Motte & Bailey Booksellers in Ann Arbor, Michigan…


Motte & Bailey offers over 10,000 volumes of used and rare books in a spacious and well-organized store located at 212 N. Fourth Avenue.


“Motte & Bailey” is a type of medieval Norman castle, a wooden palisade rising on a mound of earth, found in many places in England, Wales, and Scotland…this name was chosen to reflect the specialty of the store’s inventory, books concerning all the various aspects of history.  But there are books from nearly all genres here, and all in lovely condition.   We found Gene Alloway manning the desk at the front of the book store; he has been active in the business since 1996.


With Gene Alloway, Proprietor of Motte & Bailey Booksellers, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Here is an example of a title we purchased at Motte & Bailey:

Two volume set of "Ramona" in a decorated binding (Little Brown, 1900) SOLD

Two volume set of “Ramona” in a decorated binding (Little Brown, 1900) SOLD

I highly recommend a visit to this bookstore if you are in Ann Arbor — it was one of my favorites there.

The fifth book shop we visited in Ann Arbor was charming beyond belief.  I felt as if I had stumbled into a time machine and stepped into a bookshop on some old London street.




A wiry, spry man with pale gray hair and glasses greeted us as we came into the shop, in his crisp white shirt and a neatly tailored charcoal gray vest.  This turned out to be Richard Leahy, who takes charge of the night shift at the store.  You must envision him from my description, because he does not like his picture taken.   A shame, because he added so much to our visit at this store…but I guess you will just have to go there yourself (in the evening) if you want to experience the pleasure of meeting him.

By now it was about 6:00pm, and we were starving.  We were assured that the store would be open until 8:00pm, and asked Richard for advice on where to eat dinner nearby.  He directed us to an Italian restaurant just a few blocks away.  It was a delightful place called Gratzi.

Grazi Restaurant, 326 S. Main St., Ann Arbor, MI

Gratzi Restaurant, 326 S. Main St., Ann Arbor, MI

Gratzi had an excellent wine list and their food was fabulous.  You know how we usually take photos of what we are served in restaurants?  Especially when it is beautifully presented??  Well, we were so hungry we didn’t even pause for those photos this time!  Take it from me, the food and wine was top notch.

With full tummies, we walked back to West Side Book Shop, where Richard was waiting to assist us as we combed through their beautiful inventory.

Inside West Side Book shop, 113 West Liberty, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Inside West Side Book shop, 113 West Liberty, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Here are a few of the items we spirited away from this book shop:

The Small Yacht by Edwin A. Boardman (Little Brown, 1923)

The Small Yacht by Edwin A. Boardman (Little Brown, 1923)


Star-Dust by Fannie Hurst (A. L. Burt, 1921)

Star-Dust by Fannie Hurst (A. L. Burt, 1921)

Star-Dust by Fannie Hurst (A. L. Burt, 1921)


The Spirit of the North (Cupples & Leon, 1935) - inscribed by author LeRoy W. Snell

The Spirit of the North (Cupples & Leon, 1935) – inscribed by author LeRoy W. Snell


Join us in the next post, we will be leaving Ann Arbor (sob!) and driving to East Lansing, Michigan.


More Great Book Stores – Ann Arbor, Michigan

You just never know who you’ll find sharing the aisles with you in a book shop.  Here I am in Dawn Treader Book Shop, where I found someone who has been around for a long time.  Much longer, even, than me!


In front of Dawn Treader Book Shop, located at 514 East Liberty Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

20160712_114601_resized                   This book shop boasts over 70,000 titles and has been around for twenty-two years.


Owned by Bill Gilmore, we did not have the opportunity to meet him.  But the staff was helpful and knowledgeable.  Here I am with Mary Elizabeth Parker, who assisted us during our visit.


We had a grand time shopping in this spacious and friendly store which carries something for everyone, from fine literature to science, travel and exploration, science fiction, signed first editions, decorated bindings and much more.

Here is one example of a lovely decorated binding we purchased there…

A Checked Love Affair (First Edition, 1903, Dodd Mead) SOLD

A Checked Love Affair (First Edition, 1903, Dodd Mead) SOLD

And a lovely old Gene Stratton Porter novel in its original dust jacket…

The White Flag (First Edition, Doubleday Page, 1923) SOLD

The White Flag (First Edition, Doubleday Page, 1923) SOLD


Next, we headed over to Kaleidoscope Books, at 200 N. Fourth Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Here we found owner Jeffrey Pickell among his immense collections of books and memorabilia.  Plan to spend some time sifting through a lot of material here if you make a visit…



Jeff Pickell at work in his store, Kaleidoscope Books

Jeff Pickell at work in his store, Kaleidoscope Books, Ann Arbor, Michigan

We found some very nice Modern Library editions in the store.  Here are a few examples…



024160 024273

All that hunting through books and paper makes one a little dry, so it was time for a thirst break.   So far, three book shop visits (see previous post) in Ann Arbor, all in one day…  and it’s Bloody Mary time!


We wandered into Bar Louie and found they served up a pretty good Bloody Mary!

Ron's favorite part of our book scouting trips!

Ron’s favorite part of our book scouting trips


I’ll be back soon, sharing more book scouting adventures in Ann Arbor, Michigan.



Ann Arbor – Beautiful Book City

I’ve missed you all, and YES, we are still doing our crazy cross-country book scouting road trips.  The one we did this summer was a doozy!  I’m finally back at the keyboard and ready to share details and photos of the trip with you–along with all the fun and surprises of an American road trip (with books).

In early July we hopped in our convertible (top down, smiles on!) and headed west through a corner of Pennsylvania and Ohio, and then up north through the mitten of Michigan.  Our first book scouting stop was in the beautiful and bookish city of Ann Arbor.


In Ann Arbor, book shops are all over the place!  We visited FIVE of them, and it’s probably going to take me that many posts just to cover the fantastic time we had in this wonderful city of friendly people, great book stores and excellent food.


(Above and below: messages on the bricks of Literati Book Store, downtown Ann Arbor)




Literati Bookstore, 124 East Washington St., Ann Arbor, Michigan  48104

Literati Bookstore is full of fresh new books that will be collectible someday, and it is a beautiful store.  However, being used & rare booksellers, we headed on over to Aunt Agatha’s – a store that specializes in mysteries, detective and true crime books.   They have an inventory of about 25,000 books, both old and new.

20160712_180412-1-1_resized.jpg                                    213 S. Fourth Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Here I am with owner James Agnew, standing by some paperback offerings.  The store carries both hardcover and paperback editions.20160712_152854_resized.jpg

Aunt Agatha’s won the 2014 Raven Award, presented by Mystery Writers of America!


Established in 1953, the award recognizes outstanding achievement in the mystery field outside the realm of creative writing (in this case, for being an outstanding mystery bookshop!)

The store boasts some nice mystery movie memorabilia as well…



Aunt Agatha’s always has lots of author-signed books available.  If you love mysteries, thrillers, or true crime, you really must visit this store.

If you love CHOCOLATE, you really must visit this store…Schakolad Chocolate Factory 110 East Washington St., Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Ron is peeking into the window for a very good reason…the chocolate in this place is AWESOME.  I followed him in, and YES, we did indulge!


See us back here soon to come along as we explore more book stores and fun places in Ann Arbor, Michigan and beyond.



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