D.W.I. (Doughnuts Were Involved)

We ran into a little trouble as we drove northward through the middle of Michigan on historic Rte. 27.


It happened in Clare, Michigan!

Doughnuts were involved.

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In point of fact, it was a maple frosted long-john with two strips of bacon on top, which went by the name of “The Squealer” that got Ron into trouble…

YES, he ate this!!

YES, he ate this!!

I was able to get him out from behind bars, though, because this place actually has some of the sweetest cops in the world backing it!  In continuous operation since 1896, it was saved from imminent closing awhile back by a band of brothers (all nine members of the local police department).   Hence, Cops & Doughnuts!!  Visit their Facebook page HERE.


Cops & Doughnuts, 521 N. McEwan St., Clare, Michigan

Cops & Doughnuts, 521 N. McEwan Street, Clare, Michigan


The baked goods are fabulous, fresh, and irresistible.  People stand in line to get at them.  And there are loads of amusing souvenirs, especially t-shirts with witty slogans.  Great pit stop for any road trip.  Have some doughnuts AND some laughs!


  Just don’t get thrown behind the wrong kind of bars!!


While you are in Clare, have a stroll around town.  If you are a nostalgia lover, you will be happy here.

Me? I go straight for the ice cream!

Me? I go straight for the ice cream!


and then there is this beautiful retro movie theater…The IDEAL…


AND a wonderful little hamburger joint…


For more information about enjoying a good old fashioned road trip through Michigan on historic U.S.  Rte. 27, click HERE.


Follow us soon to Mackinac Island, then across the Mackinac Bridge to the upper peninsula of Michigan.


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