Let me show you this other beach…

I actually have some book scouting to report, but let me tell you,  it’s awfully easy to get sucked into the Floridian way of life…which is a much slower version than the one we are used to.  Wake up, slide open the door to the lanai and sit down  to sip some coffee and watch the rising sun;  have a morning swim; pick a juicy orange, peel it and eat it.  Go the beach.  Poke around in antique shops, book shops…go to another beach.   Life is good.

Early morning...adrift in the pool. Feels like heaven.

After breakfast, Ron and I got back to business, gathered our maps and made our way north to Sarasota, where we visited Book Bazaar, Inc. (A. Parker’s Books) at 1488 Main Street in Sarasota, Florida.    When we arrived,  I whipped out my camera to snap some pictures of the store and staff and realized (after pressing buttons to no avail) that I left the camera’s battery back at the house on the charger (45 miles away).  Oops.  See what Florida is doing to me?

So take it from me, it’s a nice store with thousands of books,  a rare book room, and friendly, helpful staff.  Free two hour street parking (we had to move the car once, we stayed that long).  Here’s a photo of a few books we purchased there today:

The book on the right is a 1900 decorated binding with original jacket just above it.

I love this children's book about ants, with many nicely drawn detailed illustrations inside.

Yesterday we went searching for shells and shark’s teeth at Englewood Beach in the early evening — and yes, we found some shark’s teeth!  We’ve decided the sharks in this area must gum you death if they get hungry, there are so many shark’s teeth and shark tooth hunters.  But then I read that each shark sheds about 24,000 teeth in a lifetime.  That’s a lot of teeth.

It was windy and cool by the time the sun went down, as you can probably tell by this photo.

Ron (with the pink towel wrapped around him), Jerry, Cathy and Gloria

My Lord, we had fun!  And we snapped some sunset photos…

Englewood Beach at sunset

This evening after our trip to Sarasota, Gloria and Jerry drove to meet us in Venice, Florida, where we had dinner at Sharkey’s, a great little restaurant and tiki bar right on the beach. (And they brought my camera battery!!)

Walkway to Venice Beach

Walkway to Venice Beach

Dining at Sharkey's

Ron enjoying the waves at Venice Beach

Tomorrow we are leaving Port Charlotte and starting our book trek northward.  Our first planned stop will be Lighthouse Books in St. Petersburg, Florida.  We’ll be back on the road tomorrow with regular reporting from our book scouting adventures.

I leave you tonight with a picture of Ron, helping “Domingo” the neighborhood snapping turtle get safely across the road…

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